All the technology goes on behind the sockets

Small modules that are easy to install

Micro-modules are setup behind the switches and meters, with no additional cables, radio or line bus: the devices communicate via the existing wiring.


How it works?

Everything goes through the existing electrical wiring

The system uses the latest low energy Power-Line Communication (PLC) technology developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). Thanks to this exclusive technology, all the devices of your home that are connected to modules become completely controllable from the wall-mounted touch screen, your smartphone, your computer or your tablet.
To regulate heating, a temperature sensor is connected to the switch in each room. An electronic control box is connected to the meters and heating valves near the heating ducts in the boiler room.
Developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)



An affordable system adapted to innovation and renovation

With eSMART, all of these functions are available without any major installation work and at a reasonable cost.
  • eSMART products emit no electromagnetic waves
  • No need to install cables throughout the house or modify the switchbox
  • All modules use the existing electrical wiring to communicate with each other

A lightweight architecture that optimizes costs

Cost control

Without programming or configuration, the eSMART system optimizes the calculation time for project and installation. Whether you require renovation or new construction. It is scalable and can be completed on a timeline. Thanks to eSMART, you finally have a reliable and affordable solution to make your life easier while saving energy.

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