Now my daily life is better and smarter

Every house, every family has its habits. The eSMART system is designed so you can define your own scenarios or programs that match your lifestyle.

I make the decisions and define the parameters

We can select the desired status of a given device at a given time: Before leaving, just a click on the ‘goodbye’ scenario is enough to turn down the heating, turn off the lights and raise the blinds. In my absence, my house is secure. I am alerted in case of fire or flood and I can block…

Greater comfort….

My hot towel every morning. From the screen, it was a simple matter to set up the start of the towel dryer, twenty minutes before my alarm clock time; it switched itself off when I finished.

My house is always with me

At any given moment, I can manage the ups and downs of everyday life. If I leave hastily without opening the blinds because a storm is predicted, I can still control them from my smartphone. If I receive a visit in my absence, the picture of the visitor is displayed on my smartphone.

I’m going on vacation – with peace of mind

The ‘vacation’ mode lowers heating to the minimum level and automatically turns it back on the day I return. When I arrive, my house is at the right temperature and I haven’t been heating it for nothing. During our absences I click on the ‘presence simulation’ mode, which simulates life in the house. I can leave…

I sleep calmly and I save

Without me having to remember, the standby mode for all of my electronic devices (TV, computers, internet modem, for example) are switched off every night at the hour that I stipulated in the “goodnight” scenario.

A screen for the whole family

Besides controlling and monitoring household functions, the screen can also be used to leave messages, complete the family agenda and consult the weather report, public transport schedules and news. Also, the display of energy consumption in the house educates the family, encouraging greater efficiency and reducing consumption.

More energy savings…

You can access your consumption history with one click and define monthly consumption goals. Real-time and separate monitoring of metered heating, hot water and electricity.  All of these actions result in energy savings of up to 15% and will make you realize the impact of switching on a device.

Did you know?

 43% of household energy consumption goes for heating and domestic hot water; 2 min. shower = 2 hours of TV in terms of consumption: Also, Upgrading group housing level D to level A corresponds to a heating energy savings potential of 26%.