Fabrizio Lo Conte

CEO and Co-founder
Microtechnology engineer
Doctor of Science EPFL

What were the key factors for eSMART’s success ?

« It’s a combination of several factors which allowed us to transform eSMART from an idea around a coffee to the company of today. We succeeded in creating and mastering communication technologies on the electrical system in miniature form thanks to a software approach and innovative electronics.

We had already integrated the systematic energy metering into our modules back in 2009 because the context of our theses indicated to us the importance of this. And when suddenly in 2011, also following serious nuclear accidents, the world started to talk about energy efficiency, we were almost ready with a product that allows you to be aware of and master your energy consumption in your existing or brand-new accommodation. You should know that households in Switzerland represent the second largest sector in terms of energy consumption!

A key element of success is that over the past 10 years, we have been able to surround ourselves with likeminded people when it comes to overcoming problems that appear by finding elegant and innovative solutions, and sometimes by going off the well-trodden path. It’s the culture of everyone in the company that makes eSMART what it is. All employees are different but fundamentally optimistic and together we are forging ahead. If a problem crops up, finally it’s an opportunity to find a solution. We are extremely grateful for all these people who have chipped in, who have succeeded in leading the story to where it is today. Everyone is standing at the ready to take up any future challenges, because there are going to be some great ones including our arrival on the international stage, some major projects – today a huge project is no longer a district of 150 dwellings but 1000 or 1200 dwellings in Cham, 1000 in the Quartier de l’Etang, so it’s very intense every time. It’s a great occasion to say THANKS to all those who have been there and continue to be there today to celebrate our 10th anniversary!»

Laurent Fabre

COO and Co-founder
Microtechnology engineer
Doctor of Science EPFL

Jérôme Ramelet

CSO & CMO and partner
Electronics engineer
Executive MBA